• Illegal export of thermal imaging technology to Chinese company, US District Court, Santa Ana
  • Theft of night-vision battlefield technology by former employee to new company, US District Court, San Jose
  • Attempted export of luxury vehicles by American company to Asian company, US District Court, Tennessee
  • Illegal transportation of hazardous materials, Superior Court, Merced County
  • Perjury by corporate executive during IP litigation, US District Court, Marshall Texas
  • Mortgage and loan fraud by company’s owner, US District Court, Los Angeles
  • Illegal billing practices, mail and wire fraud by doctor and attorney, United States District Court, Sacramento
  • Bank fraud and embezzlement by corporate officers, Supreme Court, New York, Manhattan
  • Domestic violence by corporate president, Superior Court, Orange County
  • Seizure of records from corporate office as employees arriving to work, US District Court, Los Angeles
  • Receipt of target letter by mid-level employee where Government promised leniency in return for cooperation against company executives, US District Court, Los Angeles
  • Loan, re-financing and mortgage relief assistance fraud by corporate personnel
  • Gambling fraud by corporate CEO
  • Notary Public fraud
  • Murder, attempted murder
  • Domestic Violence
  • Gang Cases
  • Sexual Assaults, Sex Trafficking
  • Major crimes
  • Juvenile matters
  • DUI
  • Appeals and writs in state and federal court

K and I want to thank you very much. K is so relieved that her case is finally over. We are both very happy about the outcome, and we owe a lot to your work…

We especially want to thank you for your kindness, understanding, and genuine caring. We wish you and your family continued success, health, and prosperity…

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